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Q: What’s the quality of your streamed videos?
A: All Hentai videos are 720p, 1080p or 2160p.

Q: Why don’t you upload to Nyaa?
A: Read: Why we are not uploading to Nyaa

Q: What Software do you use?

Q: Why is the quality much better than all the other websites?
A: In comparison to other streaming sites, we take good care with the videos. Other streaming services just yeet their rip of a rip of a bad dvd rip on their website, resulting in the known bad visuals. We on the other hand take good DVD sources and are upscaling them with ESRGAN. This is a very slow method, but it does wonders for most Hentai.  Please consider supporting us.

Q: Why is hentai censored?
A: Due to their laws, Japanese hentai companies have to censor their works. Majority of the modern day series have censorship.

Q: How are you financing yourself?
A: Read: No Ads & No Tracking

Q: Something is wrong, what should I do?
A: If something is wrong with the player or anything video related, you can submit a report on our Discord Server. Please also keep in mind, that we are mainly using the new AV1 Codec.