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No Ads & No offense Tracking.

We don’t have Ads & We don’t track you with 3rd party scripts!

How are we financing ourselves?:

Currently all is payed by our amazing patrons!

Here a overview of our expenses:
– Domain (60€/year)
– Content Delivery Server (50€/year)
– Web Server (100€/year)
– Electricity (~380€/year) (Propably more, since electricity costs are rising.)

Why we collect rudimentary Analytics:
We want to ensure, that the playback on your side of the pipe (your Phone, your Laptop or Desktop) is playing the content you want.
Q: So why do you collect some metadata?
A: To see, if some users, because the internet is not the internet, have problems playing the Videos at certain times a day (Will be relevant for adding more CDN-Servers)
Q: And why do you collect which Codecs my Browser can play?
A: We want to ensure, that you get the best quality out of the smallest videofiles. And because of this, we are collecting the percentage of users, that e.g. can play AV1.

We hope to build a strong community which is interested in good quality Hentai.

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So, today the team has decided to offer downloads for everyone, so that everyone can have fun while jerking off. We first had to find out which way is best…

Hello and welcome, in the name of We greatly appreciate, that you enjoy the fappening with us.

I have some comparisons for you, to showcase our superiority compared to other streaming sites. Hanime (Web 720p) vs AnimeStream (Web 720p): Hanime (WebDl 720p) vs AnimeStream (Web 720p):…