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AV1 Web Technologies

We are proud to announce that we are the first hentai (and probably also the first “porn”) site,

which is delivering it’s content with the new AV1 Video Codec.

AV1 is a new open source video format, which is more efficient and affordable.

In our testing this new codec was roughly 35% more effecient than HEVC.

Encoding times are much higher, but this is not as important, as we don’t have a strict release cycle.

Our encoding tool of choice is NotEnoughAV1Encodes, as it scales well with our cpu cores.

It won’t work with Apple tho, because they are idiots.

And for Android: Use Firefox or Fennec and enable “media.av1.enabled” in “about:config”.
-Now you are a happy AV1 user.

For Apple: We still have an x265 720p stream for you (but come on… use PC or buy an Android.).

PS: We don’t hate Apple users. We only hate some business decisions they’re doing.


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